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Broken / Busted Pipes Orange County

Broken / Busted Pipes OrangeBroken and burst pipes in Orange County are two of the most common reasons we get calls for water extraction services. Call us to clean up the mess. We’ll stop the flood and your stress. Our water damage restoration company conveniently works with all major insurance carriers. Contact our team as soon as you notice any leakage or backup problem to reduce your water damage liabilities and expenses. Wet walls, wet floors, wet furniture, no problem!

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Broken Pipe Water Restoration

Our first priority is stopping the water or sewage flow. Next, we begin the extraction process. All excess water is removed from the property thanks to our skilled technicians and high-tech extraction equipment. Some water isn’t visible, so we use thermal infrared cameras to find hidden water in the walls or crawl spaces. We also use dehumidifiers to remove any moisture from the air and to lower the humidity. By lowering the indoor humidity, we can eliminate the risk of mold growth.

Leaking Pipe Repair IrvineAfter the water extraction, we move on to the drying process. It’s critical that everything is dry after broken and burst pipes cause water damage in your home or business. Our crew uses air movers and carpet dryers to speed up the drying process. We make sure every last drop of moisture is gone during the process.

If your home or business has water damage, please call us right away. The sooner we start the cleanup process for broken and burst pipes, the better. Our goal is to completely restore your property to its pre-damage condition. We are here 24/7 for water damage emergencies.

Burst Pipe Water Removal & Cleanup

Proper water removal and cleanup is critical after water damage occurs. First, we extract the water, then we dry the area. But the job doesn’t end once everything is dry. Next, we inspect the area thoroughly to make sure there isn’t any remaining moisture in the ductwork or walls. Skipping this step means mold and mildew have a greater chance of development.

We also make sure everything is decontaminated and sanitized for your health and safety. Water damage cleanup is a job for professionals. We have the specialized training needed to handle water damage cleanup, no matter how bad it is. No job is too big or too small. Call us today, and we will be there in 30 minutes or less to start working.

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We offer water restoration for broken and burst pipes in Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and all nearby locations in Orange county!

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