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Fire can break out at the most unexpected of times. To make sure that your property is ready to deal with it, keep your fire suppression systems updated.

When effectively maintained, fire sprinklers have been found to be one of the most efficient means of protecting life and property in case of fire breakouts. Having them properly functioning throughout the year has been a serious concern among residential and commercial property owners.

Here are five things about fire sprinkler maintenance you should know:

Lock Control Valves

Tampering with switches for adjustment can make a fire sprinkler system inoperative. As valve security is of utmost importance, take appropriate measures to ensure that sprinkler control valves are locked.

One way to do this would be to have an arrangement through which you can electronically supervise valves through fire alarm systems. It is recommended that signs be posted to prevent unauthorized closure of the system.

Do Not Paint Over Them

Although an attractive ceiling color may sound tempting at the moment, it would not be a good idea.

Painting fire sprinklers can hamper the flow of water when fire breaks out. At the time of painting, make sure that you have employed removable painter’s tape around the area so that paint steers clear of your fire sprinklers.

Do Not Hang Anything over Them

No matter how light they are, make sure you do not use your fire sprinkler as a hanging device. Its parts are quite fragile and may become dysfunctional without you even knowing it. You want your fire sprinkles to work at full throttle at the time of need.

Keep Temperatures Normal

Extremely low temperatures can cause water in pipes to freeze and frozen water will be no use when fire breaks out. Keep temperatures normal and regularly check for signs of blockage and interference. Be sure to call in professionals if you have any confusion.

Know Standards and Regulations

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set standard guidelines for inspection, testing and maintenance of all kinds of water-based fire protection systems.

Knowing these standards and complying with them will ensure that your fire sprinklers are working at their best when you need them most. From valves and pump units, their guidelines contain all the necessary information to keep your fire sprinklers maintained.

Inefficient maintenance of fire sprinklers can lead to fire damage to the property. With a team of certified professionals, we at Water Damage County provide fire sprinkler cleanup service, including clearing smoke and removing odors, to our clients in Orange County.

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