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Huntington Beach Water Damage

Here at West Coast Restoration, we've seen a thousand causes for water damage in Huntington Beach, but we are the one solution. Our restoration company has the skills and qualifications to handle any water damage situation you have. A the name implies that we are more than just a water clean up outfit, we are a complete commercial and residential water damage restoration solution.

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Water Damage Restoration in Huntington Beach, CA

No water damage occurrence is beneath us and no job is big enough to frighten our experienced Orange County water damage restoration experts. Even the special allowances that are required for sewage cleanup and sewage removal are well within our capabilities. We are also capable of mold damage identification and removal.

Residential customers in the Huntington Beach area frequently suffer from flooded basements and sub-floors due to old, corroded pipes and corrosive salty air conditions. We are the ideal company to contact when you have a flooding emergency. West Coast Restoration has highly trained water damage personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Murphy’s Law dictates whatever can go wrong, will, and usually on a 3 day holiday weekend. Never fear our restoration company will be there for you in your time of need.

From 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons, we should be your first call when water Damage mishaps put a damper on your day. For excellent, speedy service at fair prices, contact us today.

Water Damage Repair Service

We offer water damage repair service for homeowners and businesses throughout Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. Our experienced professionals are available 24/7 and can be on-site within 30 minutes. When Flooded Call for a free quote today: (949) 545-9675 – (714) 257-5765.

Residential & Commercial Water Cleanup

When you’ve been the victim of flooding and water damage, restoration of your property can feel like an overwhelming task. Water damage has the potential to do major damage to your home, commercial building or even a small office as well as your health and valuables. It’s important to act quickly when disaster strikes. We offer only the best emergency flood cleanup restoration services for home owners and businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experienced professionals recognize that a flood can strike at any time and we are always ready to help.

Professional Flood Services

A flood can come from many sources: A broken pipe, a ruptured hose, storm damage, leaky roofs, washing machine overflow, water heater leaks, broken main pipe, sprinkler damage and various plumbing accidents. It can seep through and damage hardwood floors, carpeting, drywall, basements, under house crawl space and baseboards. Mold growth and terrible odor can start to appear in as little as 24 hours. Call the professional Flood crew for immediate emergency help!

Once we get your call, we will arrive at your property within 30 minutes and our team will start with a quick thorough inspection using thermal cameras and moisture detectors. At the same time, we will start with water extraction, removing dangerous items submerged in water as well as furniture and rugs. We will place drying equipment as needed and continue with the restoration process.

Mold growth can become a serious problem if water damage has not been taken care of in the first 24 hours. Our team is specialized in removing any mold growth, mildew, sewage or other problems that arise due to water damage and flooding.

Flooded Hospitals, Churches, Warehouses or Stores

We can handle all of your emergency restoration needs professionally and effectively to root out any water damage to your business. We can be on site within 30 minutes to thoroughly assess the water damage problem, and start the drying process immediately to prevent any additional problems.

All of our technicians are trained, certified and licensed and have years of experience with water & flood damage cleanup and restoration, and use only the latest equipment. Using top monitoring and detection instruments as well as blowers, air movers, dehumidifiers, air cleansing solutions and more, we can bring your property back to its pristine condition!

Home Flood Damage Restoration

We know that the sooner your flood damage problem is solved, the sooner you can have your home, and life, back. Our team of flood damage professionals can take care of all your flood damage needs in a timely and cost effective manner. Choosing the wrong company to do the work could drag out the process for additional weeks or months, easily doubling your repair costs and inconvenience. Don’t make that mistake, contact us today for a free on site estimate or phone consultation.

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Residential or Commercial Water & Fire Restoration
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